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I’ve never felt the need to reblog something so quickly

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Steal His Look: Orihara Izaya

Gold Plated Trashcan ($99999999.99)

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I made a new dice bag and it’s a beholder! These pictures don’t do the little bugger justice. I crochet the whole thing and the features are done in fabric paint. He shall be my DMing familiar as I challenge my players to go above and beyond. :D

Rayegene, will you make it for me????  It’s so cute!!!!!!

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Deadpool's sexuality


12/03/13 edit: Tonight on Twitter, Deadpool writer Gerry Duggan confirmed that Deadpool is queer, describing him as being omnisexual which is often used interchangeably with pansexual (a more inclusive form of bisexuality) so the following should now be read in the context of how this aspect of…

I’m reblargaling this for my partner who was asking me about the cannon/noncannon nature of Deadpool’s Sexuality.  Personally I have lots of feels about this topic but anyways. 

I should get back to work… Enough.

Thank you Tumblr dash.  Thank you

Thank you Tumblr dash.  Thank you